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Why does a company need OH services?

As an employer, you/your company needs occupational health services for:

  1. Health surveillance of employees – often a statutory requirement
  2. Sickness absence management – the most cost effective intervention a company can make
  3. Stress management – the biggest cause of lost time and poor performance
  4. Supporting/promoting health and wellbeing of employees – promoting a healthy workforce, fit for work

What do OH services provide?

  1. Health surveillance can include
    • Audiometry (hearing tests) for employees exposed to noise
    • Respiratory (lung function) test for employees exposed to respiratory hazards
    • Skin examination of employees exposed to skin irritants and sensitisers
    • Hand-Arm Vibration (HAVS) assessments of employees exposed to vibration
    • Drivers medicals; climbers medicals; safety-critical work medicals; construction industry medicals; – i.e. any work where a medical standard applies and a medical is required
  2. Sickness absence management is required
    • when a manager has concerns for an employee who is long-term sickness absent
    • or an employee is frequently sick/absent from work
    • or where there may be performance issues
    • or other specific health concerns about an individual at work
    • or an employee with disability issues, requesting adjustments; etc

    This requires a more detailed independent medical assessment and subsequent advice to enable managers/HR to manage the issues fairly and effectively within an acceptable timescale.

  3. Stress management involves
    • identifying the causes of stress (often by questionnaire)
    • the areas where stress is occurring in the business
    • the impact on the business
    • performing a stress risk assessment
    • training managers in recognition of stress and how to manage it/refer appropriately
    • providing support and help for employees suffering stress, to restore fitness for work
  4. 4. Health promotion of employees can take many forms, but can include
    • checking BP, height, weight, BMI
    • providing advice on healthy nutrition, achieving and maintaining healthy weight outcomes
    • safe exercise and activity both at work and outside of work to provide proven health benefits
    • checking blood cholesterol, blood glucose and risk factors for diabetes/heart disease
    • providing early intervention physiotherapy, massage therapy, yoga classes at work
    • providing relaxation and stress management courses and classes
    • confidentially providing alcohol reduction strategies and support
    • smoking cessation therapies and techniques

Is it costly?

Enlisting the support of OH services can be one of the most cost-effective interventions a company can undertake. Healthy people who are at work are able to contribute optimally to the success of the business. Healthy people make the right decisions, make quality products and give good service and advice to customers. Our rates are highly competitive because our overheads are small. We deal direct and pass cost savings on to our customers. We are able to meet industry-standard levels of quality assurance.

What next?

Pick up the phone – tel: 0113 267 2067, or email info@towerclinic.co.uk and we’ll help you to obtain the services your company needs.

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