The ultimate weight loss solution

Primo 5:2, the highly effective revolutionary new weight loss programme developed by Dr Neil Shaw, MB ChB DRCOG MRCGP AFOM and fully endorsed by Channel 4’s fat surgeon, Shaw Somers, is now available at The Tower Clinic. This new approach to weight loss and improved health comes from 60 years of combined medical experience from our two medical directors.

Unlike other diet and weight loss plans on the market the Primo 5:2 is a medically proven, highly tailored and monitored approach to sustained weight loss and improved health that allows you to still eat the food you love and lose weight at the same time. What’s more there are significant health benefits too with Primo 5:2 as sizeable weight loss can reverse most cases of type 2 diabetes and it has shown to lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels as well as lower the risk of many age related conditions such as strokes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

It’s the perfect ‘have your cake and eat it solution’ that doesn’t require any calorie counting, slimming pills or diet plans. It is simple to follow, easy to maintain and above all it is designed to fit around your lifestyle.

Primo 5:2 follows a 12 week programme, which works on the basis that you restrict your calorie intake to a minimum for two non-consecutive days of the week and the rest of the time you are free to eat what you like and still lose weight. The idea is remarkably simple and based on scientific evidence that once the body is thrown into a state of temporary undernourishment, it will start to burn fat stores rather like the hunter-gatherer days when animals would often go for several days without food but still have the energy to survive.

With the Tower Clinic’s specialist team of fully qualified healthcare professionals, you can expect to be fully monitored and advised throughout the 12 week Primo 5:2 programme. You will undergo an initial medical and lifestyle assessment before receiving your own personalised plan assigning your goals and giving you advice on how to stay focused and motivated. Throughout the 12 weeks you will be regularly monitored, invited to evening sessions and join the forum where you can share your experiences with others.

“At the 6 week analysis stage I had lost 9 ½ lbs and really felt good about myself”

To find out more about the Primo 5:2 sustainable weight loss programme visit the Primo website:


  • Watch the weight fall off and stay off
  • Instant health benefits
  • No need to banish your favourite foods
  • Nutritionist support
  • Simple, quick and easy to follow
  • Personalised diet plans
  • Constant monitoring by medical experts


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