What is sophrology?

Sophrology is a fantastic blend of Eastern and Western techniques. Inspired by yoga and progressive relaxation, hypnosis and mindfulness, it was developed as a unique and structured method by neuropsychiatrist Professor Alfonso Caycedo.

It is a very established technique on the continent, especially in France. Sophrology is used in many different fields: hospitals, schools, corporate world, sports and performance just to name a few.

It is based on gentle body movements, breathing exercises, concentration and visualisation

Sophrology suits everyone because the exercises are very simple to do and are very adaptable.No matter your health condition, physical or emotional state, sophrology is a simple yet effective method which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Sophrology is a structured method to help you face daily challenges, improve your quality of life and restore harmony between body and mind. It is an empowering technique that will allow you to feel in charge of your own emotional and physical wellbeing.

However, sophrology is not a cure and will never replace a medical treatment. Also it is not a magic wand. It is a discipline which requires commitment and practice. You usually get out as much as you put in.

If wellbeing is a priority for you right now and you feel committed to give sophrology a real try and practice regularly, then take your first step into wellbeing right now.

Contact Audrey Zannese now and discover how sophrology can help you live a fuller and happier life. You will feel empowered and learn exercises that will last you a life time.

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Audrey Zannese

Can I help you?
I specialise in helping people with chronic conditions as well as people who are highly stressed or are already in burn out.

Have you been diagnosed with a long-term condition? Are you looking for a way to calm down your fears and anxiety? Do you want to restore balance and harmony in your life? Do you need help to manage treatment’s side effects or manage pain? Would you like to strengthen your emotional resilience? Would you be happy if you could manage your condition more positively?

Or, are you highly stressed? Do you fear you may reach burn out?

Are you looking for a solution to reduce stress levels and improve energy and performance? Would you like to stop feeling overwhelmed? Regain your sleep? Do you want to bring back to peace in your life while still enjoying the things you do?

Are you actually in burn out? Are you looking for help to get back on your feet and resume living
and enjoying your life?

If wellbeing is a priority for you right now and you feel committed to give sophrology a real try and practice regularly, then take your first step into wellbeing right now and contact me.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation via phone or Skype as a way for you to explain your issue and for me to assess whether sophrology would be suitable for you. My work is always aimed at the client’s best interest. If I think sophrology is not the right method for you I will say so and direct you to a GP or another specialist if appropriate.

For enquiries or bookings please contact info@towerclinic.co.uk

What do clients say?
“After a few sophrology sessions I was able to become more mindful and able to relax at times when I was very stressed. I also managed to calm down my symptoms of IBD which were normally made worse with stress. The calming techniques worked really well and I became more conscious
of what my body was telling me. Now I use some exercises on a daily basis.” S. Tariq “I suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia. Practicing sophrology enhanced my ability to relax. I had a better perspective on my problems and thoughts. I was able to reconnect with my
body and be more present instead of feeling stressed about the future.” J. Armitage “I felt more energetic, less tired, less overwhelmed, more able to focus and to balance my work and non-work activities. I was able to sleep better at night and I was generally happier.” A. Hornsey

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