Occupational Health Practioner Leeds

  • Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Injections
  • Advanced Micro-Needling with Flawless Pen
  • Body Contouring (Buttocks)
  • Cellulite and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
  • Chemical Peels
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Dermaroller Treatments
  • Excessive Sweating Treatments
  • Facial Exercise (no chemicals used)
  • Facials
  • Fat Reduction Therapy
  • Hair Loss Treatments
  • High Definition Brows
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Lipo-freeze Fat Reduction
  • LVL Lashes
  • Mesotherapy – Full Body
  • Microblading Brows
  • Migraine/Headache Injection Treatments
  • Nose Augmentation (Non-surgical Nose)
  • Obagi Medical Range Skin Treatments
  • PDO Threads
  • Professional Makeup
  • PRP Treatments (Face/Hair Loss/Hands/Neck)
  • Red and Black Spot Treatments
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Silhouette Lift
  • Skin Camouflage Makeup for Birth Marks/Injuries
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Thread Vein Treatments


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Jane Trewhella

Facial Exercise

This unique and effective facial exercise programme has helped a wide variety of clients to visibly reduce the signs of ageing without the need for any surgical intervention. Developed by Eva Fraser, you will learn how just a few minutes of exercise 4 or 5 times a week can lessen nose to mouth lines, lift and give definition to the upper cheeks, firm up the jaw line and neck, and lift eyelids and diminish creases. The Lifetime course consists of 4 one and half hour lessons, usually spaced at least two weeks apart. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with a personalised Facial Fitness routine for life. A few weeks (sometimes days) of following this programme, and skin tone will improve and you’ll start seeing the results.

Give yourself a natural facelift with just a few minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week!

All muscles, including those in the face, slacken over time, if they are not used. The good news is that they can be trained to become firmer and strong again. Look at the amazing improvement we see in toned bodies at the gym. With Jane’s guidance, you can do the same for your face too – at any age, male or female. These amazing results are achieved gradually through gentle and easy exercise, meaning that you won’t look as though you’ve had work done, but will you will look fabulous!

With just a few minutes of exercise a day:

  • Nose to mouth lines will lessen
  • Upper cheeks will be lifted and fuller
  • The jaw line will be firmer
  • Eyelids will become stronger and lifted

Jane trained with Eva Fraser in London, having originally got to know Eva when she went to her as a client in her early 50’s. Eva is living proof that her methods work, still working full-time in her late 80’s and looking years younger. Jane teaches exactly the same course that Eva offers.


‘I started doing the facial exercises 6 weeks ago and friends and clients keep saying, ‘You look well – have you been away?’ I told a client my age last week and she was genuinely shocked and thought I was about 10 years younger, so I told her my secret about Facial Fitness’. Mrs D – Leeds

‘Since doing the exercises, people have commented at different places how well I look. One comment was from a lady I haven’t seen for a while. She said, ‘You look well. In fact, you look younger, and I mean that genuinely’. I thanked her for the compliment and thought, there is ground in the facial exercises!’ E – Southport.

Jane Trewhella is delighted to be able to offer Eva’s course at the Tower Clinic. Personal tuition with Jane is an effective and inspiring way to learn Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Method.




Kay Spaven

Kays career began in the beauty and hairdressing industry, before moving into the arts and theatre where she worked for Opera North for 13 years touring both nationally and internationally. Kays creativity and thirst for knowledge found her diversifying into the world of film and television where she is currently working in England and Wales on popular soaps/films.

Kays other passion is weddings, and specialises in weddings in Lake Garda, in and around Malcesine and also weddings in and around Leeds. Her attention to detail and flawlessness is second nature. Kay is also a skin camouflage Practitioner. With a portfolio including TV, film, theatre, photographic and commercial make up.


Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull

Medical Aesthetic Consultant: Laila Aesthetics

Anoob has 20 years’ experience of working in Anaesthesia in the NHS. He has a specialist interest in Regional Anaesthesia and Acute Pain and has gained the Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Management awarded by the European professional body, ESRA.

Anoob continues to work in the NHS alongside practicing as a Medical Aesthetic Consultant. He has obtained the coveted Diploma in Medical Aesthetics from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and has trained at Harley Street in PDO Thread Lifts and with Professor Bob Khanna in Advanced Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Anoob offers a range of treatments including: Anti-Wrinkle Injections; Dermal Fillers; Mesotherapy; PDO Threads; Chemical Peels; Fat Reduction Therapy and Hair Loss treatments.

He currently operates out of three clinics in Kendal, Huddersfield and here at the Tower Clinic in Leeds, and his personalised, results-oriented approach based on quality service and treatments has attracted a loyal client base:

“I use Laila aesthetics as they offer a professional and honest service with a wealth of clinical experience. They provide a holistic experience which helped put me at ease when considering treatment options. I would highly recommend them as they listen, taking into account what I, as an individual, need.” (Jane Sharrock)

Anoob offers a free consultation so that clients can meet and talk through their needs and the best choices of treatments for them, in a relaxed environment.

For further information: www.lailaaesthetics.co.uk

Linda Beck

Linda Beck

Linda Beck



Non Invasive Alternatives To Injectables – Instant Visible Results

What Can We Do About Sagging Skin?
If you’ve got to an age where you are starting to notice lines, wrinkles and sagging skin then our latest treatment Collagen Lift will suit you. It’s designed to lift, tighten and tone loose and sagging skin. It also stimulates new collagen production which is great for your skin’s appearance.

Non-surgical, non-invasive solution

If you don’t like the thought of using Botox injections or fillers, this treatment is the perfect solution. The Collagen Lift, or Facelift Facial as it’s known, uses radio frequency technology to stimulate collagen production.

Your technician will use a ceramic wand to painlessly heat the deeper levels of your skin. The heat works on the skin’s fibres which tighten up and reduces the sagging that occurs as we age and lose elastin.
At the same time, collagen production is given a boost so that your face regains lost volume. The treatment as we’ve said, isn’t painful. A Collagen Lift has been described as similar to a hot stones massage. That means you can relax during your sessions instead of being tense.


FULL FACE £60.00

Course of six to achieve maximum benefit & results
Lasts up to 2 years with maintenance facial every 4 – 6 weeks

£49.00 per session


FULL BODY £150.00

Course recommendation
We recommend you have a course of six sessions. You can have them once or twice a week. After that, a session once every 4 to 6 weeks will maintain the results.

You’ll notice your skin tightening up after your first session. Your skin will continue to improve for up to 3 months after you have finished your course and results last up to 2 years.

The treatment suits all skin types and colours. It’s suitable for anyone who wants firm, rejuvenated, fresh looking skin. Now you can have the skin you want without any pain.

Consultation Required minimum 24hrs prior to Treatment
Includes ‘Skin Test’ & ‘Prep Facial’
Payment of £20.00 paid in advance will be completely
Refunded against First ‘Collagen Lift’ Treatment
Please be mindful you cannot have RF treatment until ‘one month’ after Botox and ‘six months’ after Fillers.
Pacemaker is also a ‘contra-indication’ against having RF.

‘Flawless Pen’ First cordless and Only UK ‘ Advanced Micro Needling Device’ registered with the Medicines & Healthcare Regulation Authority (MHRA) & CE marked and used by trained practitioners.

Designed to stimulate your skin’s natural ability to repair itself, referred to as ‘Collagen Induction’
the skins healing power increases collagen and elastin from the inside out. Minimally invasive it can be used on all skin types and performed with little downtime. Benefits include skin tightening and rejuvenation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, minimises pore size, more radiant skin tone and texture, improved appearance of pigmentation & acne scars and many other skin texture conditions.

‘Flawless Pen’ has several advantages over previous generation anti-aging dermal needle rollers and can be used alongside other procedures to prolong or enhance existing results.

Each treatment uses a sterile single-use surgical grade disposable tip containing 12 needles. Vertical penetration automated at 8,000 times per minute within 0-2.75 depth the rapid pen movement allows for a more efficient and comfortable experience. To suit individual client’s requirement adjustments are made during the treatment for example an increase in collagen to the lip or eye area would be targeted at a lower depth than the surrounding facial area.

Topical numbing cream is applied to the area and during the treatment I will apply Hyaluronic Acid (HA) a hydrating serum. The procedure itself can last up to 30 minutes but allow up to two hours for the complete treatment. The recovery time depends on the client and also the skincare post treatment and is usually from one to four days. I will apply products after your treatment but there is no need to change your regime although refrain from toners or make-up for 24 hours. Contraindications include active acne, blood thinner medication, chemotherapy or radiation, keloid scaring, recent chemical peel, sunburn, chronic skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

I am happy for you to contact me regarding any queries or concerns that you may have regarding the above or for any further information that you may find useful regarding this procedure.

Results can be seen with just one treatment but a course of between 4 – 6 is advised approximately 4 weeks apart to ensure maximum benefit with a maintenance treatment once every 6 – 9 months. This procedure is fast becoming a ‘must have’ skin treatment due to the natural effect obtained. Boosting collagen and elastin within the dermis takes time so the results will unfold and become evident as it is your own skins natural ability that gives the result.

Mr R. Singh

Mr R. Singh


Mr R. Singh

J’adore Aesthetics was founded by surgeon Mr Singh (MBChB, MRCS, MD-Res)

With many years experience, detailed knowledge of anatomy and his artistic flare a bespoke treatment plan is made for each patient. He also holds regular clinics in Chelsea, London.

Treatments include: Complementary consultation & follow up.

PDO threads for non-surgical facelift

Body contouring inc buttock enhancement

Dermal fillers
Lip volumization and augmentation
Face contouring & augmentation for jaw line & cheeks
Cosmetic dermal fillers for marionette lines & nasolabial folds
Non-surgical nose augmentation
Tear Trough correction/augmentation

Wrinkle reductions injections for forehead, crow’s feet (around eyes), glabella (between eye brows)
Wrinkle reduction injections for eye brow lift
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) underarm treatment
Wrinkle reduction injections for migraine and headaches

For enquiries or bookings please contact info@towerclinic.co.uk

Jennifer May

Jennifer May

Jennifer May


Microblading is a semi permanent make up technique to create realistic looking brows. Using a hand held tool, not a traditional tattooing machine, to meticulously produce fine hair strokes, one by one ‘to mimic’ the look of real brows.

Anyone* Microblading is excellent for people who have loss of hair within the brow, scarring or damaged regrowth due to over plucking., or for those who just wish to have great brows and more time.
Microblading can help give confidence back by restoring a look of full natural brows.
*As with any aesthetic treatment a full consultation is necessary, including any relevant patch tests. It is important to discuss any allergies, current treatments and medications.

I’m Jenni. I have worked in the Beauty and Skincare industry for 13 years. 5 years ago I studied at Huddersfield University and became a registered practitioner and I am currently a Senior ODP for LTHT (Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust).
I completed my microblading training with KBPro and only use KBPro pigments. I chose to train with them because the founder and CEO is Karen Betts, Karen is the UK leading authority in semi permanent make up and microblading.

After consultation a £30 deposit on booking is required. This is redeemable against full treatment cost. 48 hour notice of cancellation is required.

For enquiries or bookings please contact info@towerclinic.co.uk

Follow me on FB @sulabrowsuk and Instagram Sula_brows_uk for any available offers. Also look out for promotions on The Tower Clinic Facebook page

Dr Yalda Clinics

Dr Yalda Clinics

Dr Yalda Clinics

Dr Yalda Clinics was founded in 2017 by Dr Yalda and initially started in Nottinghamshire, UK. Over the last year, the clinic has expanded to Leeds and Manchester. Providing a medical approach to facial aesthetics, Dr Yalda’s team of medically qualified professionals offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. As a team, we are passionate about ensuring aesthetics is a carefully regulated industry conducted with extreme precision, diligence and care.

Our practitioner in Leeds is Miss Shima Samivand.

Shima (MPharm) is a Clinical Pharmacist and a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner with Dr Yalda Clinics working in Leeds. Shima is trained at a Level 7 (masters level) in facial aesthetics. Shima is particularly passionate about skin health both in a professional and personal capacity and an advocate for medical-grade skincare. Having been trained personally by Dr Yalda, Shima has applied her broad skillset from her GP setting to become a fantastic Aesthetic Practitioner with 100% focus being on each patient. Shima prides herself on providing honest, personable advice to patients and is a strong believer that subtle enhancements offer the best results.

Services we provide:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Dermal filler treatments (areas included: lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, nasolabial folds, marionette lines)
  • Injectable skin boosters
  • Chemical peels
  • Bespoke skin consultations and prescriptive medical-grade skincare.

More information can be found on our website: www.dryalda.co.uk
To make a booking, please email: info@dryalda.co.uk or call 07938 370271
Instagram and Facebook: @dryaldaclinics