Elizabeth Robinson joins the Tower Clinic!

Elizabeth is an Integrative Counsellor/ Psychotherapist , and Clinical Supervisor. An accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
She has 20 years experience working has a counsellor . Her areas of work is working with Young Adults, 18 and above , Adults , Couples and Families members i.e. Mother and Daughter , Brother and Sister.

Elizabeth, believes that no one Model suites everyone, every human being is unique, so she draws from different approaches such has Person Centered , Psychodynamic and CBT to support change, feel whole and fully develop self to gain a full potential from these approaches.

Let me help you move out of Depression, Take control of your Anxiety, Come to term with Loss , Understand Trauma , Process Adult and Childhood experience , Gain clarity around relationship behaviour or help if finding you again.

Elizabeth also She has 20 years Corporate experience so fully understands work related relationships, and stress.

Give yourself a gift access Counselling/Supervision

My fees
Individual Counselling £65
Couple Counselling £80
Supervision £90
Family Counselling £80
Contact me via the Tower Clinic