Laura Naylor joins the Tower Clinic!

Hello, Laura here. A private, registered nutritional therapist specialising in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health. I guide and empower women with the knowledge and tools they need to optimise their reproductive health, nurture a thriving pregnancy and enhance their postpartum experience. My goal is to first help you understand the root-cause of your health issue then support you in overcoming this using bespoke, evidence-based nutrition & lifestyle strategies.
Whichever phase of motherhood you’re in, it’s a lot. I get it. I want you to feel heard, informed and confident in achieving your health aims in a way that works for you. My approach is simple. No fad diets or calorie counting. Just top quality, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations bespoke to you.
The research is clear. You can profoundly improve your fertility with good, evidence-based nutrition. By gifting your body the right nutrients, you can enhance your fertility, increase the likelihood of conception and take proactive steps towards starting or expanding your family. I specialise in helping you prepare for pregnancy and improve your chances of conceiving, either via natural conception or assisted reproduction.
Nutrition plays a vital role in supporting a healthy and thriving pregnancy. The right balance of nutrients provide essential building blocks for your baby’s development, contribute to your overall wellbeing and help manage common pregnancy discomforts. By focusing on nourishing foods and making informed dietary choices, you can optimise your pregnancy experience, ensure the best possible start for your baby and set the stage for your postpartum recovery.
Prioritising your nutrition during the incredible, whirlwind postpartum period is one of the most impactful ways you can nurture yourself and your new baby. By understanding how to feed and nourish your body (and mind), you can facilitate optimal healing, support the production and rebalance of hormones, replenish depleted stores and help your precious new baby to thrive.

I offer a comprehensive range of nutrition-related services including private consultations for personalised guidance, engaging public speaking services to inspire audiences and corporate wellness programs to promote employee wellbeing & productivity.
I offer private, one-to-one nutrition consultations at my York and Leeds clinics as well as online. Private consultations provide a safe space to really explore and understand your health and symptom history and ultimately, get to the root-cause of your fertility, pregnancy or postpartum health issue.
My approach is thorough and entirely client-led, following the below process to create bespoke, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle plans:

  • I assess clients’ medical history, lifestyle factors, symptoms, current dietary habits & specific health goals.
  • I use saliva, urine and/or blood analysis if I feel it will provide a deeper insight into a client’s health issue. Testing is always optional, never compulsory.
  • I consider factors such as age, gender, genes and environmental influences that can affect a client’s nutritional needs.
  • I review all this information alongside the latest, high quality nutrition research, enabling me to develop bespoke, evidence-based nutrition & lifestyle plans for my clients. These include tailor-made dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications & potentially, the use of nutritional supplements.

Following a BSc in Psychology I completed a PGDip and an MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. NCA is regarded as one of the most reputable institutions in the UK for nutrition education & clinical training; “gaining a Master’s qualification is THE gold standard of nutritional therapy education (anywhere in the world)” NCA, 2023.
My thesis explored which sources of antenatal nutrition information women deemed most trustworthy, with the results really highlighting the need for up to date, bespoke and most importantly, evidence-based fertility, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition information. And so, Laura Naylor Nutrition was born.
I am a member of BANT, the leading professional body for Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. Its members have met strict criteria & are trained to provide a standard of excellence in science-based nutrition & lifestyle medicine.

I am fully insured & am regulated & governed by the CNHC, the independent UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners.

For more information, getting in touch with me couldn’t be easier. Just email or contact me via my website at and I’ll come straight back to you.