Ragad Al-Shalechy joins Tower Clinic

I’m Ragad Al-Shalechy, a dedicated hospital pharmacist with a profound passion for aesthetic treatments. Having honed my skills in botox and filler applications through specialised training at Derma Medical, I now bring my expertise to the Care Clinique team, dedicated to exceptional client care.

At the heart of my aesthetic approach is a deep commitment to client-centered care. I prioritise understanding each client’s unique wishes and needs, aiming to foster open communication. This ensures that every treatment plan is meticulously crafted to not just meet but hopefully surpass client expectations, thereby boosting their natural beauty and confidence.

If you’re ready to start your aesthetic journey with me at Care Clinique, reaching out is straightforward. Our website, www.careclinique.co.uk, offers a comprehensive overview of our services and pricing. For a more personal connection, or get in touch directly at 07912684467. My approach to aesthetics is driven by a genuine desire to enhance the wellbeing and satisfaction of my clients, affirming my role as a committed and reliable professional in this field. I’m eager to work with you to design a personalized and enriching experience.