Atavia Minoudis joins the Tower Clinic!

Registered Nutritional therapist
BSc Psychology & Counselling

Living a life of ‘dis- ease’ should not be the norm.

Working alongside the Clinic for Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine in Athens, I work closely with clients to apply comprehensive health analyses, examining which body systems are under stress (e.g. the gut, detoxification systems, inflammatory pathways).

Rather than the ‘symptom- pill’ approach, in clinic we will work collaboratively to identify the underlying factors that are driving your symptoms of ill health. This approach enables us to understand where things are going wrong and understand what the body needs to restore itself to health.

Working holistically with individuals, I aim to understand each person’s unique biological markers, nutrient levels, medical history and individual needs, creating unique evidenced based Nutritional Therapy plans.

Many things can put roadblocks in the way to wellness, including genetics, epigenetics, toxin exposure, hormonal imbalance, stress, trauma, poor lifestyle/ diet, and chronic infection or inflammation. It is my job to identify the catalysts that have brought you to a stage of ill health and apply science-based interventions to empower you to overcome these limitations.

I utilise a wide range of optional clinical testing methods, including gut function, stool tests, hormonal screenings and parasitology, working collaboratively with clients, implementing evidence-based protocols that are sustainable that do not limit your social life or enjoyment of food.

I am a firm believer that food – and life itself – is to be enjoyed. Nutritional Therapy should enhance this experience, not limit it.

With an additional BSc in Psychology & Counselling, and CPCAB accredited training, I am equipped to work holistically with clients, utilising therapeutic approaches and strategies to enable you to overcome the barriers to health you may have been facing.

If you wish to find out more, or make an appointment with Atavia, please complete the Referral Form, or call the Tower Clinic.