Carla Forth joins the Tower Clinic!

Carla Forth – Sophrologist and Stress Management & Wellbeing Specialist 

As a Sophrologist and Stress Management & Wellbeing Specialist I work with people who want to prioritise their wellbeing. I specialise in the following areas:

  • Stress management
  • Anxiety management
  • Sleep management
  • Managing depression
  • Managing chronic illness
  • Developing resilience
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Building confidence
  • Letting go of disordered eating
  • Proactive and preventative wellbeing coaching

I specialise in the above areas, some of which I have had personal experience so I know it is possible to overcome them. Although I see lots of clients who have other issues or goals that aren’t on this list, as Sophrology can help with so most things, particularly where stress is a component. So, what is Sophrology?

What is Sophrology?

Sophrology offers simple and powerful mind-body wellbeing techniques for a calmer, happier and healthier you. Sophrology aims to connect our mind and body awareness, helping us to feel more relaxed, present, and focussed and to deal more positively with everyday challenges.

Sophrology consists of simple exercises, including gentle movement, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, positive mental imagery, concentration and sometimes sound. It is practised in a standing or seated position in a state of dynamic relaxation, which means that the body is calm and relaxed, and the mind is alert. No special clothes or equipment are required and it can also be done at home or work.

Along with helping to manage therapeutic issues included those listed above. It is used to prepare for future events such as interviews, promotions, exams, pregnancy and labour, weddings, divorces, sports competitions etc, anything where you need to prepare mind and body to achieve the positive outcome you wish. It is also used as a self-development method in which to get to know yourself much better as you expand your consciousness and awareness, becoming aware of self-defeating behaviours, blocks, and barriers, to help you meet your potential.

The aims of Sophrology.

One of its main aims it to empower the person and its strength lies in the ease in which it can be incorporated into everyday life.  It is a gentle and transformational practice that can help you meet your highest potential.  Its main aim is to empower the person so that they can become their own wellbeing facilitator and are free to practice the method on their own, to continue to see results.

What is a session like? 

Sessions are one hour and usually start with ten- or fifteen-minute discussions, to talk about the issues that are presenting for you and/or what goals you are looking to achieve. Then we go into the practise of Sophrology, where you will experience exercises, tools and techniques that will help you meet your goals.

You will be gently guided into a relaxed but aware state, where we will do specific exercises to help you gently, yet powerfully transform, from the inside out, helping you towards achieving your desired outcome, reaching your goals, and achieving your potential. This part of the session is usually 30 to 35 minutes long, and we end the session with discussion to process your experience, which can be done verbally and in writing.

Sophrology works well alongside Talking Therapies 

Sophrology can really help you to get the most out of your talking therapy session by helping you to become more embodied during the process, helping you to relax, so you are able to access parts of you that are available to you on the day.

It can also help you to manage therapeutic issues such as anxiety or insomnia, whilst you are having talking therapy, empowering you with tools and techniques for you to use at home, work, and the other aspects of your life.

In person or online sessions

I offer the opportunity to have either online or in person sessions. Online sessions are offered on Zoom and in person sessions offered here at The Tower Clinic. I work Monday through to Saturday, offering sessions from 10am to 8pm to cater for clients who are working.

What do Carla’s clients say?

“Having one-to-one Sophrology sessions with Carla has enabled me to experience relaxation at a very deep level. I have finished each session feeling physically and mentally at one with myself. When challenges arise in my daily life I can now use the different techniques to help restore my sense of balance and equilibrium. As a facilitator I felt that Carla combines her intuition with her knowledge of me to provide a session that is focused and extremely beneficial. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sophrology and Carla.”

Juliet from Leeds

“Sophrology has dramatically improved my sleep. I was barely sleeping at all, but after 2 sessions I found myself falling asleep quite quickly. And after 3 or 4 sessions, I could also stay asleep or fall back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night. This was by applying simple and straight forward breathing techniques and following the sophrology mechanisms that Carla showed me.”

Aline from Nottingham

About Carla 

Carla was one of the first to qualify as a Sophrologist over ten years ago.  As an experienced Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher she was already passionate about the mind-body connection and invested in developing people’s potential and found Sophrology to be an accessible way to successfully help people to achieve that

With nearly 20 years’ experience as a Human Resources Professional and Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Carla understands first-hand the modern-day issue of stress and the impact of that on individuals and organisations.  She continues to work at a corporate level delivering wellbeing, stress management and resilience initiatives, along with her private clinic practice and her specialist areas are stress management, anxiety, and sleep management, preparing for future events and supporting people supporting women to find freedom with their relationship with food.

Carla lives in Otley, Yorkshire and in her free time likes to walk in the beautiful countryside. She often starts her day with yoga and Sophrology to help set her up for a productive and balanced day. She loves to write and a keen reader, you will often find her with her nose in a book.

Qualifications, Training, and Professional Memberships


I am a full member of the International Sophrology Federation, which helps to promote Sophrology in the English-speaking world and I am also a full Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.


2005 – University of West London – Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel & Development
2010 – Sahaj Academy – Certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher
2012 – The Sophrology Academy – Sophrology Practitioner Diploma
2014 – The East Yorkshire School of Hypnotherapy – Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
2018 – Laughter Yoga University – Laughter Yoga Leader
2019 – Laughter Yoga University – Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainer
2019 – The British School of Coaching – Wellbeing Coaching Certificate
2020 – Osho Dynamic Meditations – Certified Facilitator

Recent Continued Professional Development and Training:

2020 – Sophrology for Anxiety

2021- Sophrology for Eating Disorders

2021 – Therapy Skills for working with Eating Disorders

2020 to 2022 – Completion of Advanced Levels 5 to 12 in Sophrology

2023 – Sophrology for Burn Out

I am fully insured.

For more information

For more information about Sophrology please see Carla’s website The Stress Solution Sophrology

Carla offers a free online 20-minute zoom consultation to see if Sophrology is right for you, or you could always join one of her free online zoom monthly taster sessions www.thestresssoloutionsophrology/events

Contact Carla on 07884 101164 or email at to book a time for your free 20-minute consultation.

Through Carla’s desire to put wellbeing at the forefront of healthier lives, Carla founded ‘The Wellbeing Club’ – a group of like-minded people who want to develop their wellbeing as a way of life.

Carla also runs weekly online Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes for women, on a Friday and Saturday morning, online Zoom.

Booking an appointment 

For further information, any questions, or to book an appointment contact Carla on 07884 101164, email at, or use the Contact Us page on her website www.thestresssolutionsophrology/contactus. Alternatively call The Tower Clinic Tel: 0113 2672067 or email