Coronavirus Notice

Good afternoon,

Tower Clinic management have been monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak very closely over the last few weeks. Advice has been taken from a number of medical professionals regarding all aspects of the pandemic, taking into consideration the infectivity rate, the lack of any immunity in the population, the serious nature of the disease and its complications in susceptible individuals and the likelihood of the NHS being unable to cope with a rapid rise of cases within the population.

The advice of the UK Government is contrary to the advice of the World Health Organisation and also contrary to the advice, we believe, of the majority of medical professionals and epidemiologist specialists in the UK, who are calling for a far greater degree of social distancing in order to reduce the rate at which critical cases of the disease present to NHS services under great strain as this pandemic rapidly unfolds.

Tower Clinic management have put in place measures to assist in reducing the spread of the disease amongst persons visiting or working within the clinic. It is, however, evident that community-acquired infection is now widespread amongst the population and increasing exponentially.

The prolonged period of asymptomatic viral shedding and infectivity of this highly contagious virus results in inability to apply fully effective control measures within the Tower Clinic and reduce risks to an acceptable level for persons visiting or working within the clinic.

In consideration of the above Tower Clinic management will CLOSE THE CLINIC at the end of today, 16TH MARCH 2020. The clinic will NOT BE OPEN ON TUESDAY MORNING 17TH MARCH 2020 or thereafter until the crisis now facing the UK population has abated. We will re-assess the situation in two weeks’ time.

This decision has not been undertaken lightly and we recognise this will have an impact on everyone.

Kind regards,

Sharon Shaw & Dr Neil Shaw
Clinic Directors