Focus on Fertility Nutrition Workshop

The Tower Clinic
21st November 2014
9.30am to 2.30pm

Your chance of conceiving with IVF/ICSI without optimum nutrition at some of the most successful fertility clinics in the UK is only between 17% and 43%. Yet addressing nutrition and current health can make all the difference when trying to conceive. Research shows that making nutrition and lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of infertility by 80%.

Here’s how one of my clients benefited from nutrition:

“I approached Elizabeth after years of suffering with endometriosis and to help prepare me for IVF following yet another round of surgery. Her nutritional advice was very specific to me and my condition; she came up with a tailored diet and supplement programme with practical advice and recipes as to how to change my food lifestyle. Having been on the diet for three months I lost 16 pounds and found a new fitness and energy level and following surgical intervention I became pregnant just as I was about to start IVF. It was a miracle but I am convinced my diet played a big part.”

This one day workshop is for anyone who has been trying to conceive without success or is planning to conceive and wants to know how nutrition can help. By the end of this workshop you will:

  1. understand all of the factors that could be reducing your chances of conceiving, such as hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies and immune dysregulation.
  2. have an action plan of the steps you can take to optimise your chances of a successful conception, a sustained pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Price £55 per person or £100 per couple