Rhiannon Rees joins the Tower Clinic

About Me
I am an Integrative, Relational Counsellor that helps individuals to navigate their loss.

Transitions and changes in life can leave you feeling bereaved and struggling to cope. You may feel upset, overwhelmed and bewildered as you try to come to terms with a different, and possibly unwanted, set of life circumstances.

Loss of a job or career you cherished, a role or a sense of identity or a past or future you thought you would have, can all take their toll. Relationship breakdown and divorce or death of a loved one may have left you feeling alone and empty, without hope or purpose.

You may feel trapped between needing to carry on with life and feeling like you just can’t cope anymore. Perhaps you feel unable to ask friends and family for support, feeling that they won’t understand or that you’ll burden them. You may feel anger, guilt and confusion. The depression and sadness can feel like a heavy burden to carry. You don’t need to carry this burden alone anymore.

My Approach
I help individuals to; come to a deeper understanding of themselves and their loss, explore their emotions and come to terms with the changes facing them. This is done through the provision of a safe space where you can feel supported, heard and held.

I offer warmth, empathy and a non-judgemental acceptance as I seek to understand you and your experience. I work at your pace, enabling you to engage with your feelings without them overwhelming you. Through this process I can support you to feel brighter about your life, more resilient and better able to cope.

Don’t struggle on alone. Call me now and find out how counselling can help you.

Phone: 07308 121 754

Email: rhiannonreescounselling@outlook.com

Web: www.rhiannonreescounselling.com