Simona Ciuverca Joins the Tower Clinic!

What I do?
I help people to change their lives, to become more happier, healthier and successful.
As an experienced NLP Master Practitioner ( with a background in Social Work, Counselling and Teaching, I have used my creative and successful approaches to enhance people’s lives; Getting them to live a life they wanted to live!

Over the past 16 years I worked within the NHS, Home Office, private sector and voluntary sector supporting children and adults to make significant changes to their lives. I had the privilege of getting trained by the best trainers in the world, in this field: Dr Richard Bandler,
Kathleen and John La Valle, Paul McKenna.

Since then I never locked back! It changed my life and helped me to change the lives of so many people that came to me for support.

What is more important is that you will get quicker and lasting results, from the very first minutes of your session without having to wait for weeks to see or feel the changes!

I will get you to:

  • Enhance your life to the fullest
  • Eliminate Your Fears, Panic Or Anxiety Attacks
  • Eliminate Your Lack Of Confidence
  • Get Past Your Past
  • Get Through Stuck States
  • Achieve And Maintain Your Desired Weight
  • Change Your Unwanted Behaviours
  • Eliminate Your Stress And Negative Emotions
  • Get Past Limiting Beliefs
  • Get Over Your Past Affecting Your Future
  • Set Your Future And Live Your Life On Purpose
  • Get Your Time Aligned – Plan Your Future With Time Line

Wellbeing at work

  • By getting an experience of NLP, people within your organisation will get faster and lasting results improving their lives and of those around them
  • Become more relaxed and healthier resulting in being able to take better decisions relating to their work and personal life.
  • Enhance performance across their professional life and within your organisation
  • Increase innovation, productivity and collaborative working within your organisation being able to model success and performance.

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner Licensed NLP Practitioner
Registered with The Society Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming — Pure NLP®
Master of Science: Couple and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy
Bachelor of Science: Social Work (Honours)

60 pounds /60 min session (discount applied)
Notice of cancelation- 48 hours prior to your session

Next Steps:
To arrange your 1:1 please contact the Tower Clinic by completing the Referral Form.