Suffer From Migraines?

Help for Migraine Sufferers at the Tower Clinic

Migraine is a common disorder, approximately 1 in 4 women & 1 in 12 men develop migraine at some point.

Migraine is a chronic headache disorder manifesting as recurring attacks usually lasting for 4 to 72 hours & involving pain of moderate to severe intensity. Typical characteristics of the headache are unilateral location (often over the temple or behind the eye), pulsating in quality.  Auras, sensitivity to light, sound sensitivity, nausea & vomiting are often experienced.

As sufferers know, Migraine can have a debilitating effect on people’s lives.

If you are one of these people – Did you know acupuncture can help significantly? There is an increasing scientific evidence base (see ‘Sources’ below) demonstrating the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of migraine.

Your Traditional Acupuncturist can provide a personal treatment plan specifically for you.

Traditional Acupuncture is based on a different medical model (Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM) to the conventional medical model.  Its system of diagnosis, through its classification of signs and symptoms into “Patterns of Disharmony” which vary from one person to another, recognises the uniqueness of each individual and treats specifically to each patients needs.  Tailored dietary & lifestyle changes are also incorporated into each patients treatment programme.

Teresa Syed, resident acupuncturist at the Tower Clinic has been in private practice in Leeds for some years and for the last 4-5 years has worked as part-time Lecturer & Clinical Supervisor on the BSc Acupuncture Degree course at Leeds Metropolitan University.  She is currently one of the practitioners recruited in the ATLAS clinical research trial at University of York which is a study investigating the effectiveness of Acupuncture in the treatment of chronic neck pain.  Teresa is a member of the British Acupuncture Council the governing body for professional Traditional Acupuncturists in the UK.

Why suffer from migraines anymore?  For more information or a consultation with Teresa, contact the Tower Clinic on 0113 267 2067.



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