Tai Chi Classes starting soon at the Tower Clinic

The Tower Clinic are pleased to announce Tai Chi classes will be starting soon with instructor John Mackie.  Tai Chi is a gentle exercise originating from China, suitable for all ages and abilities, involving slow relaxed movements.  The aim is to free the body of tension, generate a relaxed awareness and emphasis on movement, so it feels effortless and calming.

The focus on slow breathing and gentle movement helps bring the mind to the ‘here and now’ – ‘a space where worries and thoughts are absent’ – which can promote a feeling of stillness, calm and serenity.  Tai Chi helps with co-ordination, posture, balance, muscle strength, breathing, energy levels and general wellbeing.

Classes are small (maximum 8 people).

To register an interest please contact The Tower Clinic on 0113 267 2067 or email info@towerclinic.co.uk