Did you know that ill health derives from damaged and diseased cells?

By Atavia Minoudis, Orthomolecular Nutritional Therapy Consultant.

The human body is made up of 15 TRILLION of them. From our blood to our skin, every part of our body is comprised of cells.

The average human is exposed to 700,000 cell damaging toxic chemicals every single day- in perfumes, household cleaning products, plastic food containers and cosmetics to name but a few.

These toxins can cause cell damage or mutations, resulting in cellular dysfunction and subsequent symptoms ranging from hormonal imbalances to gut and digestive problems.

Orthmolecular Nutritional Therapy focuses not on only managing the symptoms of ill health, but on detoxifying and correcting this damage, therefore encouraging self- healing of the body.

This goes much deeper than just food, although this is integral in a healthy body and mind. It also seeks to understand your unique biological markers, toxin exposure and symptom triggers, and equip you with the armour your body needs to protect itself from further damage.

In clinic I work with individuals to identify the above, implementing unique evidenced based protocols to support you back to optimal health.