Sally Cook joins the Tower Clinic!

Sally Cook is a fully qualified counsellor with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in therapeutic counselling, gained at Leeds Beckett’s university. She is also a member of the British Association for Counselling And Psychotherapy.

Therapeutic Approach
Sally is an integrative counsellor which means she incorporates different types of therapies to suit your needs. This may be by using a person-centred approach, which in therapy means the counsellor works to understand how the client sees the world from their own perspective whilst offering a place where they can be fully accepted without judgement. Sally supports her clients to better understand their feelings and facilitates in an environment where they can get in touch with their inner strengths allowing for personal growth to occur, which in turn enables the client to function well. Sally may also offer mindfulness techniques and coping strategies which aids self-awareness and promotes acknowledgement and acceptance of one’s own thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Sally often incorporates a psychodynamic approach into her work which allows the client and counsellor to look into the origins of a client’s behaviour thus creating an environment that can facilitate understanding and change. Counselling with Sally incorporates Relational psychotherapy into her approach. This form of psychotherapy can help clients to recognise how they relate with others and how this impacts on their life experiences by exploring their inner thoughts and feelings and behavioural patterns. Working relationally has the capacity to allow a person to maintain emotional wellbeing and have fulfilling relationships with others.

Specialty Areas
Counselling with Sally works with anyone over the age of 18. Sally’s areas of speciality include working with stress, depression, general anxiety disorder, panic attacks, feelings of sadness, suicidal ideation, relational issues, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. Sally also has a great passion for working with bereavement, grief and loss. As an animal lover this includes pet bereavement too. Sally offers short term and long-term therapy at a level and pace that is comfortable and relevant for the client.
Counselling with Sally offers flexible working hours so is able to facilitate day time and evening appointments.

If you would like to get make an appointment with Sally, please complete the on-line referral form.