Dr Rob Baskind joins the Tower Clinic

Consultant Psychiatrist

GMC No:6025297

Dr Rob Baskind is a consultant with a wealth of experience having worked in the NHS previously for 20 years, and developed and led an Adult ADHD service for more than 10 years. He has a reputation throughout the UK for his knowledge and skills in the management of ADHD and has been a loud voice in raising awareness for support and services for Adult ADHD.

Dr Baskind provides a specialist Adult ADHD service, providing person-centred holistic and comprehensive Adult ADHD and mental health assessment. Dr Baskind focuses primarily on each individual’s needs, taking a broad approach to interventions with consideration of medication, lifestyle, coaching and therapy interventions. He has skills in coaching and acceptance and commitment therapy, to augment his expertise in a finely-tuned approach to the treatment with medication for ADHD.

Please note that Dr Baskind does not accept private medical insurance.