Heline Freea joins the Tower Clinic!

Integrative Somatic Trauma Counsellor & Child Therapist
Trauma Training Mind Body Therapies and Supervision
BSc Registered Integrative Relational Counsellor
Therapy experience

Heline Freea is an Integrative Relational Counsellor, Trauma Therapist, Mental Health Recovery Skills Trainer, Clinical Supervisor and Play Therapist specialising in complex PTSD. She is a registered member of the MBACP of the British association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

She has had over 26 years’ experience working with children, families, and adults, working in Education as student Counselling coordinator, mental health Counsellor and wellbeing advisor, primary school counselling manager, play therapist at a family service unit, NHS Crisis counsellor working with addictions, Domestic abuse community project coordinator and a counsellor supporting adults who have been sexually exploited and experienced modern human slavery struggling with acculturation issues.


BSc Therapeutic Counselling
Diploma in CBT
Dip Youth Counselling.
Accredited Diploma in Bi-Aura energy healing.
Diploma in seated acupressure chair massage.
Certificate in acupressure for digestive disorders.
Cert in Counselling skills using the Arts.
Post Graduate cert in Play therapy.
Certificate in Somatic embodied regulation strategies.
Advanced cert in stress and anxiety management.
Certificate in mindfulness. acupressure for digestive disorders.
Certificate in TA (Transactional analysis).
Certificate in body psychotherapy.
Certificate in Bio-danza dance and movement.

Teaching, supervision, and training experience

Heline has previous experience of being a Counselling Tutor and lecturing at universities specialising in Culturally Sensitive Trauma informed practice and personal and professional development. She develops mental health recovery skills training courses for community and charity-based services and workforce development skills for social care providers, health, and education practitioners.

She was a preferred training provider for social care teams providing training skills for staff supporting looked after children struggling with mental health.

She is a Clinical Supervisor providing reflective supervision to organisational teams, qualified and trainee Counsellors.

Recently she has provided trauma counselling to asylum seekers in safe housing accommodation and provided counselling to Esol learners experiencing complex trauma in further education working with interpreting services. Within these roles she uses a holistic relational approach tailoring sessions to suit individual need.

Heline feels passionate about the empowerment and nurturing of people enabling them to become all they can be. She can immediately and deeply connect with others building rapport quickly being able to put people at their ease.
She offers a truly holistic integrative approach to deeper mind body understanding extending beyond the talking therapies.

Heline integrates talking therapies (humanistic, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioural) and draws on different modalities such as expressive arts (Natalie Rogers and Virgina Axline’s person centred) play therapy, energy healing, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and acupressure techniques to address powerful traumatic reactions helping children and adults to connect with a greater sense of safety and stability.

Talking Therapies
Integrative Relational Counselling- Talking Therapy

The Integrative Relational Practitioner, combines different counselling theories and techniques and elements to therapy providing a flexible style of working with everyone, tailoring specific techniques to suit client’s personal circumstances.

The counsellor works with you helping to increase your awareness around how you relate to yourself and others offering deep insight into past and present traumas, conflicts in relationships and patterns of communication.

Attachment styles and the psychological connectedness and dynamics between individuals within family, work, social and personal life will be explored.

You will have the opportunity to look at how early experiences in childhood have influenced your development and sense of being and impacted upon present patterns of communicating, feeling, and behaving.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

CBT –Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a form of treatment that focuses on examining the relationships between a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It challenges negative thinking patterns and belief systems that are causing you difficulties.
It treats a wide range of emotional, physical, and psychological health issues in people of all ages.

How does it work?
CBT focuses in on how your thinking patterns influence your behaviour. This helps to develop a shared understanding of the problem.
It looks at how you perceive yourself, the world, and other people around you.

The therapist will help you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours using diagrams and worksheets inviting you to explore situations outside of sessions by giving you homework tasks. This helps to monitor experiences of anxiety, depression monitoring mood and triggers to anxiety.

CBT searches for ways to improve your overall mental wellbeing.

Somatic Integrative Therapy
How it works?

The somatic approach is rooted in somatic psychology interventions drawing from Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing model. It is a neurobiological body-oriented approach tracking bodily tensions and symptoms and stress activations in the nervous system.

Somatic experiencing is a body centred therapeutic approach incorporating mind body and spirit in healing trauma assisting in trauma reparation.

Working somatically with the trapped emotions stored in the body helps to address their dysregulated physiology whilst providing techniques to help calm client’s nervous system.
Somatic therapy can help reduce symptoms of trauma such as hypervigilance, panic, anxiety, anger, and dissociation and shame associated with distressing events.

The therapist guides clients to better tolerate and manage uncomfortable bodily sensations helping them build greater resilience and awareness.

Holistic Healing Therapies

Bi-Aura Energy therapy
How does Bi-Aura Energy Therapy work?

Bi aura works with the body’s energy to restore, detox, and balance physical ailments and emotional states, within the energy field. It facilitates the body’s healing processes by removing stubborn blockages regenerating and improving energy flow, building a greater immune system in order for a person to help heal oneself.

This will facilitate a cleansing process of self-healing by flushing out the in-balances.

Sensation can return to your physical body when attention is focussed on mental material learning to talk about a crucial issue will enable a stream of energy flow.

Can be used to treat trauma, stress, and anxiety in conjunction with visualisation, breathwork and meditation promoting emotional healing and relieving physical imbalances.


Can be used to treat trauma, stress, and anxiety in conjunction with visualisation, breathwork and meditation promoting emotional healing and relieving physical imbalances.

Acupressure is a natural healing art applying pressure with fingers on specific energy points on the body (acupressure points) to help alleviate relieve pain and symptoms. The treatment is like that of acupuncture instead of using needles the therapist uses their hands. Emotional imbalances and physical pain are often a result of unresolved stored trauma in the body.

Daily acupressure techniques can help relax and ease tight muscles and tension in the body.

It is useful for treating abandonment, anger anxiety and panic attacks, fears, depression, abuse, worry, grief, guilt, and shame. Physical imbalances that can be treated are digestive issues, fatigue, nightmares.

Diploma – Seated Acupressure chair massage

Seated chair massage is an ancient oriental massage like Shiatsu. It is a meridian based therapy where the massage techniques stimulate the circulatory, immune. Muscular and lymphatic systems, energising the client and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body releasing stored tensions.

The length of treatments are approximately 30 minutes dynamically destressing clients and leaving them feeling totally re-energised.
Useful for both emotional and physical issues such as: backache, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, sinus problems, repetitive strain injury, asthma, menstrual pain, insomnia, digestive problems, boosts the immune system, removes toxins from body, reduces stiffness and improves flexibility.

Mindfulness what is it?

It is a way of being aware and more present centred intentionally focusing attention on a moment-to-moment experience. ‘encouraging you to stop the doing and experience the being’ without being swept away by pre-conceived ideas, expectations or judgements.

Mindfulness stress reduction

Breathwork and mindfulness meditation helps distract you from constant thinking and worrying about possible future event(s) by focusing in your breathing and being taken on guided journeys enabling you to release tension and anxiety.

You consciously connect with what your body is doing expanding awareness of the sensations you feel. Focusing on the breath creates a more grounding experience in the body putting us in a place of non-reactive observation and stillness distancing us from racing thoughts.

Engaging in a series of simple daily practices can help prevent periods of overwhelm and unhappiness alleviating depression and reducing stress and anxiety.

It can bring about long-term changes in mood, help treat trauma, exhaustion, and chronic pain. Mindfulness is an easy technique for letting go of stress and ultimately finding more peace and balance in your life.

Learning these skills will change your perspective on discomfort and open new avenues for observing your problems improving your overall sense of wellbeing.

Children and young people

Creative arts provide a safe alternative for children to explore difficult emotions who might be feel too anxious to talk about their feelings or connect with their traumatic experiences.

Play Therapy -Creative Counselling Skills

Heline uses a creative Therapy toolkit in her practice with children and young people as it encourages situational awareness, self-expression, and the processing of emotions in a less uncomfortable way than talking. She also provides talking therapy to children and teenagers.

Creative interventions and expressive modalities help individuals communicate their trauma through stories using imagery, symbolic objects, clay, and mask making, sand tray worlds, paints, using sensory toys to help soothe stress and anxiety.

These mediums are useful for individuals with language difficulties or for others who find it too overwhelming to engage in conversation. Using creativity in counselling sessions helps you to process your feelings in a different way connecting you to your inner world of sensations and emotions which might otherwise be inaccessible via the spoken word. As paints flows so does emotion, as music sounds it eases distress promoting feelings of safety and security. Moulding clay can help with problem solving, stabilise moods making feelings visible through the emergence of shapes and creations.

Heline has used Play Therapy with adults and used sand tray work, music, movement, art, and many other creative techniques to help them explore and process their anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship conflicts. Play fosters a deeper mind body spirit integration and helps restore brain chemistry, reducing stress physiology.

Psychodynamic play examines how children’s feelings lead them to display certain troublesome behaviours that are considered symptomatic of deeper, underlying problems. Their play can reflect internal and external conflict dynamics, wishes and fantasies. The therapist observes the child’s interactions and dialogue during play interpreting ways in which they can achieve emotional balance and self-awareness.
Play therapy can be useful in treating anxiety, trauma, attachment, behavioural and relationship problems. It can also help children move through developmental delays and stages of grief.


I have been to see a few counsellors over the past few years for talking therapy and seeing Jan shifted much more. It has truly been a very healing experience. The combination of holistic interventions and talking therapy help with my mental and physical health.
S 38 yrs 2022

I attended Jan’s session for the first time on Saturday. I was warmly welcomed and felt comfortable and at ease. Lovely group of ladies. The mini bi-aura session was amazing if a little weird, due to my seeing Indian faces! After the session I felt much less fatigued and calmer. Jan radiates warmth, friendliness, and compassion. She is obviously a very skilled and knowledgeable woman! I look forward to next time.
Thank you K 26 yrs 2018

I found the energy techniques and EFT really helped to reduce my panic. I was surprised how just after tapping for a while I felt calm. I stopped going to university after feeling depressed and anxious but now feel more in control of my feelings.
T- 19 yrs 2017

‘The bubble meditation helped me calm down and helped with the worry. I don’t worry as much. Coming to see Jan was fun and really helped me.’
G- 7 yrs- 2017

We have seen a big improvement in J’s emotional wellbeing and anxiety. He is generally more settled and managing better at school. We are relieved we found Jan. coming to the centre was a sanctuary in a storm and Jan calmed the waters amazingly.
Thankyou Jan. Parents of boy of 8 yrs .2016

To Jan, thank you so much for everything you’ve done to make J feel happy and secure again. Your help has had a tremendous impact on our family life and has given us the tools to move forwards. We won’t forget you.
With thanks and best wishes-
Parents of 10 yr old boy. 2017

I offer individual therapy sessions face to face or online.

I also provide CPD training and workforce development skills training workshops to organisations and tailored courses in mental health, and trauma informed therapy practice.

If you would like to book an appointment, please contact the Tower clinic. info@towerclinic.co.uk or complete the Referral Form on the home page

Heline is in the process of expanding her trauma informed practice and developing a new website and will upload the new information when completed.

For more information around child/play therapy, youth counselling and young people’s skills courses please visit my other website www.createtorelate.co.uk

contact number 07555460010