Eva Proudman joins the Tower Clinic!


Introducing Eva Proudman FIT IAT who is delighted to be joining the team of expert therapists and practitioners at Tower Clinic!

As the founder of www.ukhairconsultants.com Eva has been working for over 20 years as an expert in hair and scalp health, becoming one of the UK’s most recognised and respected Consultant Trichologists. Eva is a highly reputable, ‘go to’ source of expert comment for UK and international media and is often asked to work in advisory, research and clinical product development roles for commercial brands across the hair and scalp care industry.

Eva undertook and completed her initial 2-year training with the Institute of Trichologists (IoT), where her commitment led her to be presented with the prestigious John Firmage award.
After many years of clinical experience, in 2018, Eva was appointed as a Director of the IoT, going on to be elected as Chair of the organisation two years later. In this role, she led the move to achieving accreditation for the Institute’s training courses as well as embarking on the ambitious programme of gaining Professional Standards Authority (PSA) approval. In February 2023, Eva was made Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists in recognition of her work in promoting the service of trichology and her dedication to the industry.

If you think you recognise Eva, she also fronted the ground-breaking 8-part series, The Hair Loss Clinic (available to stream on Amazon Prime and Discovery+)! The show was the first time that a trichologist had opened their doors in this way to share their expertise and the patient journey.

Eva has developed a portfolio of award-wining hair retaining and restoring products (such as shampoos, conditioners, scalp creams and dietary supplements), including a range exclusively for trichologists. Her hero brand, Tricoextra, recently won Best Hair Supplement for Hair Loss in the 2024 Hair Magazine Awards for the second year running! Further products for hair loss are in development and due for launch late 2024, including a shampoo for post-surgical clients.

Primarily consulting from her flagship clinic in rural Warwickshire, Eva regularly practises across a network of 6 clinics throughout the UK, further cementing her commitment to making trichology accessible to all. A trusted teacher, mentor and educator, Eva is a proud member of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT) and also the World Trichology Society (WTS).
Eva also has a growing profile on social media and regularly receives a flood of messages and requests from both women and men keen to see her for a personal consultation – and increasingly they’re saying, “when are you coming up North?”

She explains; “I’ve spent the past two decades building up a thriving business – with my patients at its heart – that takes me to a range of clinics across the UK. I always try to be as available as possible and I’m also committed to sharing lots of advice and tips on my social media platforms, giving many people the confidence to try ‘at home’ self-care through diet and lifestyle changes as well as signposting them to recommended products and supplements that I know will help.”

“But in many, many cases, a one-to-one appointment is also necessary – hair loss conditions can be complex, requiring thorough investigation and assessments, tests and that personal touch that I am so committed to providing. It’s so important to me to get to know the patient and gain a better understanding of any other underlying factors – and to play a part in making trichology as accessible to as many people as possible.”

Eva adds; “I’m therefore delighted to officially announce that I’ve now teamed up with the Tower Clinic and will be launching my first ever clinic in the Leeds this July. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and my team to discuss your condition and we’ll look to get you booked in asap. “I can’t wait to get started, helping a new cohort of clients and to meet all my new “friends in the North”!”

For more information about conditions that can affect the hair and scalp and the range of treatment options available, visit www.ukhairconsultants.com