Beth Madeley joins the Tower Clinic!

I am a counsellor because I know that it works and how it can transform lives.

It’s the power of being listened to, maybe for the first time in your life. Counselling is powerful because you can be accepted exactly as you are right now, rather than going through years of struggling to function, and just existing without ever being heard.

I know how much an individual can change, and the power of the human mind to change, and not to have your life stolen. That’s why I do what I do.

I am a qualified Relational and Integrative Counsellor. This means that the unique relationship between counsellor and client is at the heart of my work.

For you, this means I will take the time to get to know you, to hear you and understand you.

I continually commit to my professional development through training and regular supervision.

As we learn more about your thoughts, behaviours and emotions in counselling, we’ll see how they are all interconnected. We may look at the experiences and beliefs that have shaped your life.

We may look at how your body and mind react to one another, as anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression will have noticed that these have physical effects as well as mental symptoms.

My biggest hope is that when we reach the end of our counselling journey, you have learned how to make a vast improvement to your enjoyment of life.

I can work with many issues but have a particular interest in working with anxiety, stress, grief, trauma and abuse.

My website is Mobile 07732 501663

I provide face to face sessions at the Tower Clinic, Leeds. You can also complete the Referral Form on the Tower Clinic website.