Caroline Cook brings Meditation Workshops to the Tower Clinic

caroline-cookCan’t sleep, can’t turn your mind off, feel exhausted, feel anxious, can’t concentrate, over thinking and generally feeling like your sleepwalking through life. Everyone will feel one of more of these things at some point in their life but most people would not see these things as your mental wellbeing needing some TLC but that’s exactly what they are…. I experienced all these things a number of years ago and didn’t recognise it either, I just assumed it was ‘how life is these days’!

After practising Mind Calm Meditation for around 6 weeks 90% of my symptoms had completely disappeared. As I started to talk about it i soon had a queue of people who had also been suffering in silence wanted my help. And so that is where my journey began…

Join my Meditation Workshop on the 29th April. To find out more please call the Tower Clinic on 0113 2672067