FREE Workshop How to Prevent Burnout and Regain Your life

In heart lead vocations it is so easy to keep giving part of yourself to others, self-care usually comes well down your “to do” list. However, giving without replacing = burnout. Burnout takes its toll in all areas of your life, the good news is, it is preventable and avoidable.

Christine Butterfield MSc a qualified counsellor and holistic therapist and Linda Sage MA, BA Ed(Hons), DTM, a qualified psychologist and educationalist, are hosting a FREE Self-Care for Caregivers workshop, on the 29th March, at 1.45pm in the Tower Clinic, Cookridge, LS16 7AP

We will be offering a proactive workshop looking at strategies to offload stress, relax and readjust mindset to care for yourself as much as you care for others and especially to avoid burnout. You will come away with immediate strategies to reduce your stress.

Don’t suffer in silence, self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

This will be our 1st workshop in this beautiful location, spaces are limited, so book your place to avoid being disappointed.

The Tower Clinic, has parking, is close to bus routes and the train station.

To ask particular questions just drop us a line at

Book your FREE ticket here on Eventbrite or by calling 0113 267 2067

Looking forward to meeting you there.


ps. If you know of others who are suffering, treat them to this amazing session.