Improved Mental Wellness Workshops (Hope recovery & resilience) Energy Medicine (EFT) upliftment

For enhanced energy levels & high levels of wellness

Evolve your mind and body

Venue: Tower Clinic 10am-3pm
8, Tinshill Lane, Leeds LS16 7AP

Positive Mental Wellness (Hope recovery resilience) Workshop 1: July 20th 2019

You will learn core tools for improving and maintaining your own and client’s mental health developing resilience, mind body coping skills, creating daily wellbeing and selfcare plans, learning techniques in creative, mindful expression for mind body relief.

Energy Medicine EFT pathways to Wellness Workshop 2: 3rd August

Gain knowledge of contemporary approaches to energy psychology, neuroscience, improving mind body functioning bringing the body back into alignment. You will engage experientially with core healing practices of EFT, Energy medicine, Qi-gong, crystal mindfulness, meditation and laughter yoga to enhance your lives.

For more information please contact Jan on 07581140696 or tel Tower Clinic 0113 2672067 Fee: £45.00 Reduced rate of £80.00 for attending both- CPD certificate- refreshments