J C Clinics Teeth Whitening

The Tower Clinic wish to inform any patients/clients who have booked for teeth whitening that J C Clinics are an independent company and have no connection with The Tower Clinic.

For a very short period of time, J C Clinics hired a room from The Tower Clinic, but they persistently failed to provide a service to their clients through no fault, act or omission of the Tower Clinic.

The arrangement of the appointments, the provision and booking of the dentist and all services to patients/clients were, and always have been, the responsibility of J C Clinics. The Tower Clinic only provides room space in which private therapists and practitioners can see their patients/clients. It is evident that J C Clinics has failed to provide these services and patient dissatisfaction has been very high. The Tower Clinic withdrew room hire provision from J C Clinics completely from mid July 2016.

If you are a patient/client of J C Clinics and have bought a voucher through Groupon, we understand you are entitled to a full refund if you contact Groupon directly. They are fully aware of the situation.

Any patient/client who is informed to attend The Tower Clinic for teeth whitening should not do so.

Any patients/clients who are dissatisfied with any aspect of the experience they have had with J C Clinics should contact them directly on 0800 6891407 or contact the director, Justin Causier.