Jan Haghverdi Joins the Tower Clinic

Registered member of British association for Counsellor and Psychotherapists

Jan offers 3 in 1 Bi-Aura- Energy Medicine Mindfulness Therapy

Jan is a Bio Dynamic Mind Body Therapist/ Integrative Relational Counsellor and Trainer (22 year experience) working in Education, NHS, Community Mental Health, Schools, EAP’s.

Jan offers 3 in 1 Bi-Aura- Energy Medicine Mindfulness Therapy consisting of a total of 8 sessions focusing on Mind and Body issues. Using this 3 in 1 approach combines 3 therapy methods over a fifty minute session. This enables a more rapid improvement in client’s overall wellbeing. Jan uses a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Energy Medicine Techniques and Mindfulness relaxation and meditation. The benefits are considerable for anyone experiencing physical ailments and are struggling with stress and emotional overload.

This Therapy combines bodywork, Talking therapy, CBT Mindfulness meditation, EFT (Energy Medicine & Emotional freedom Techniques) Qi-gong, visualisation, relaxation, healing and Bi-Aura Energy Therapy

Jan is a Bio Dynamic Mind Body Therapist and an Integrative Relational Counsellor Child Therapist and youth counsellor drawing on modalities of Bi-Aura Energy Healing , CBT, Mindfulness meditation, breath work, creative arts, Seated Tai Chi, Seated Acuppressure chair massage and relaxation techniques.

Experience: CPD -workforce development skills trainer – Personal Coaching -Mind body health & well Being sessions- Mindfulness CBT workshops- Psych0-educational – therapeutic groups

Co-ordinator of a Counselling Service for students in college of Further Education Manager of a Children’s Therapeutic Service at primary/high School, Working as a Crisis Counsellor in Primary Healthcare -Community Domestic Violence Coordinator -Play Therapist – youth counsellor – Substance misuse Counsellor, University Lecturer for students on degree counselling programmes


Jan Haghverdi BSc Therapeutic Counselling, Dip Bio-Energy Therapy, Dip CBT, Dip Youth Counselling, Cert in Counselling using the Arts, Advanced cert in stress and anxiety management, Post Graduate cert in Play therapy, cert in mindfulness, Intro to Biodynamic Psychotherapy, Diploma in seated acupressure chair massage

This Therapy combines bodywork, Talking therapy, CBT Mindfulness meditation, EFT (Energy Medicine & Emotional freedom Techniques) Qi-gong, visualisation, relaxation, healing and Bi-Aura Energy Therapy

Mind body therapy considers all aspects of the person’s wellbeing investigating mind body and spirit as a whole system. This helps to create more balance and harmony in all aspects of life and relationships.

Jan is qualified in many different therapeutic modalities so whatever your need she can tailor sessions to suit you in terms of Bio-energy healing, body work, mind body relaxation or counselling support.

Working directly with the body can help us explore physical ailments connecting emotional issues relating to the physical problem. Bi-Aura Some people may be struggling with depression, anxiety, obsessive behaviours or conflict in relationships impounding their mind with self defeating thoughts keeping their bodies in a state of tension leaving the body in a constant state of pain. Mind body therapy will help link the negative thoughts related to destructive behaviours, improving your capacity to self soothe and self heal, bringing about more harmony, enabling you to achieve your life goals, being deeply transformative and life changing..

Jan feels passionate about the empowerment and nurturing of people enabling them to become all they can be. She can immediately and deeply connect with others building rapport quickly being able to put people at their ease.

She offers a truly holistic integrative approach to deeper mind body understanding extending beyond the talking therapies.

This therapy helps support most mental and physical health conditions and is effective in treating a range of issues such as chronic pain, physical ailments, depression, anxiety and stress, self harm, self esteem, image and identity issues, PTSD, abuse., sexual assault, relationship conflicts, OCD, stressors at work, suicidal ideation, addictions, panic attacks, mental illness, loss, rejection and bereavement, anger, eating disorders and many more.

Energy therapy and Mindfulness combined with building in daily energy routines leaves you stressing less and ultimately find you greater peace and calm in your lives.


‘I found the energy techniques and EFT really helped to reduce my panic. I was surprised how just after tapping for a while I felt calm. I stopped going to university after feeling depressed and anxious but now feel more in control of my feelings’ T- 19 yrs

‘The bubble meditation helped me calm down and helped with the worry. I don’t worry as much. Coming to see Jan was fun and really helped me.’ G- 7 yrs

We have seen a big improvement in J’s emotional wellbeing and anxiety. He is generally more settled and managing better at school. We are relieved we found Jan. Coming to the centre was a sanctuary in a storm and Jan calmed the waters amazingly. Thankyou Jan. Parents of boy of 8 yrs.

To Jan, Thankyou so much for everything you’ve done to make J feel happy and secure again. Your help has had a tremendous impact on our family life and has given us the tools to move forwards. We won’t forget you. With thanks and best wishes- parent’s of 10 yr old boy.

‘Suffering from arthiritis I am unable to stand for long periods I was amazed how Bi-Aura therapy gave me more strength to stand and release some of my pain. After 3 sessions I had more stamina and feel a lot more relaxed generally. M 54yrs

For more information Tel: 07581140696 jhaghverdi@aol.com www.janmindbodynurture.co.uk www.createtorelate.co.uk