Sports Nutritionist at the Tower Clinic

Danielle Davies, Dietitian based at the Tower Clinic, Leeds specialises in Sports Nutrition. Consultations available at the Tower Clinic

Danielle has over 15 years’ experience, working in a variety of clinical and sports settings but now dedicates her time to private practice and lecturing in Sports Injuries and Performance Nutrition at Leeds Trinity University. To compliment her clinical experience, her thirst for knowledge and continued professional development Danielle has fostered a keen research interest. She encourages nutrition education through guest lecturing, seminars, group work and individual consultations.

Danielle is a highly experienced Sports Nutritionist and is keen to foster a positive attitude towards food and nutrition that encourages the individual to enjoy their diet while optimising recovery and adaptation to training. Danielle has particular expertise in how to optimise the effects of strength and conditioning training programmes by applying the science and practical application of nutritional medicine. She places a heavy emphasis on using nutrition as a tool for improving all outcomes of athletic performance and injury prevention.