Tom Maidment joins The Tower Clinic

What is CBT?

In Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) you learn to identify problematic thinking styles and how this can have a negative impact on how we feel and consequently how we behave. It delivers ‘evidenced based’ (treatment interventions which have been proven to work) psychological treatment with techniques to address a range of psychological disorders. The overall goal of therapy is to give a client tools and techniques for them to improve their functioning and experiences from day-to-day and to help them become their own therapist in order to gain better control of their life.

How does CBT work?

Initial sessions identify what has brought the client into therapy. Goals and targets are then discussed with necessary changes identified in order to achieve them. As therapy moves on, progress is monitored, with the therapist delivering evidence based skills and interventions. The client will begin to master making changes and ‘homework’ tasks are given to increase skill acquisition.

Why come to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

With our lives becoming increasingly difficult due to everyday stresses, clients may have developed their problems over time and an objective assessment leads to clarity and helpful support. If you don’t make changes everything inevitably stays the same. The skills that your will acquire and learn throughout the course of therapy are designed to be used all of your life, a bit like having your own ‘tool box’.