Sarah Kay joins the Tower Clinic!

I am an experienced and intuitive multi-skilled practitioner working in the private and voluntary public healthcare sector since 2017. My passion is helping others to greater wellbeing on all levels. I am dedicated to advancing my knowledge and skills for the betterment of people who are ready to create wholeness. I am often referred to by my clients as being a good listener, empathetic, caring, calm, non-judgemental and professional.

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My website has full details of the benefits of each of the services I offer. If you are unsure what service is best suited to your needs please contact me on 07940 769352 for a free 15 minute telephone consultation:

Reflexology (1st session) £44
Reflexology follow-up 60 mins £40
Facial Reflexology 60 minutes £45
Angelic Reiki 60 minutes £40
Chakra balancing 60 massage and reiki minutes £43

My CPD (continued professional development) includes Aromatherapy for Reflexology, Guided Meditation, Advanced Reflexology, Reflexology to support living with cancer, and Usui Reiki. I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, and I am CNHC registered, therefore private healthcare plans should reimburse your treatment, but please check your own plan to confirm this.

My membership numbers are CHNC01380 and AoR 33401.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to meeting you at Tower Clinic!

Best Wishes,
Sarah Kay