Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull of Laila Aesthetics is available for treatments at the Tower Clinic

Board Certified by AAAM. Dr Anoob is a Medical Aesthetic Consultant who offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments and runs successful practices in Leeds, Yorkshire and Kendal, Cumbria.

He has undergone Aesthetics training in the UK and internationally, obtaining the Diploma in Aesthetics from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) as well as the Board certification (their highest qualification). He currently works with the faculty as a trainer for international delegates attending the AAAM courses.
Dr Anoob’s background is in Anaesthesia, where he has been working for the NHS for the past 25 years. He has the Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Management and has three international publications on various aspects of Regional Anaesthesia. He is currently also a Principal Investigator for a study of vibration device to reduce pain perception during injection procedures.

Dr Anoob’s portfolio of treatments includes :

  • Toxins : Upper face, lower face, facial slimming, treatment of excessive sweating.
  • Dermal Fillers : Cheek, Chin, Temple, Eight point lift, Nine point lift. Jaw line and contouring.
  • Lip enhancement and shaping.
  • Profhilo – Award for best injectable product in Europe for 2018.
  • Sunekos treatment- To restore skin elasticity and natural volumes.
  • Plasma Pro – To tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate practically any area of the skin.
  • Mesotherapy – Use of growth serum , PRP, Mesotoxin and other Mesococktails.
  • Aqualyx treatment – Fat dissolving injections for treatment of pockets of fat under the chin, around the thighs, love handles and other areas.
  • LanLuma Buttock Sculpting – Results comparable to buttock surgery with minimal risk and downtime.
  • PDO Threads : A novel way to stimulate intrinsic collagen formation.
  • Chemical Peels – Superficial to Deep peels.
  • Microneedling procedures for facial rejuvenation and treatment of dark circles.